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We provide outsourcing services related to the processing of metal plates.

We use technologies such as:


  •      cutting,
  •      punching,
  •      bending,
  •      burning with laser
  •      welding


Cutting length is maximum 3000 mm .
Depth of sheets available for cutting on the guillotine is up to 4 mm.
The thickness of sheet of metal for laser cutting is at max 14 mm.
The length of the bent elements is max 3000 mm.
The thickness of bent elements is max 4mm.

The services are based on the technical documentation provided by the client or the documentation prepared by Malow's technical service.

We offer services based on our own material or the one entrusted by the client.





We strongly encourage you to cooperate with us!


Iwona Łach
Deputy Director of Planning and Production
tel. 87 566 07 59


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